Alam Rizkia School

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

All praise and gratitude to Allah SWT, we say, because the exact date of February 24, 2007, TK Natural Rizkia declared ready to receive the students, as a manifestation of the operation of school kindergarten and elementary school.
Natural kindergarten and elementary school was founded Rizkia from our grandmother’s spirit and desire of the mighty, who wants children and grandchildren there who founded the school. School for his very honorable and great deeds. Grandma was our role model, a young widow who struggles with persistent principle, so as to raise and provide for his son, his stepson and his brother so successful.
Making school? That was easy. But the school is challenging, which makes children love to learn, the children are free to express themselves, children dare to try and challenge barriers, children learn directly from the object “look .. fingered .. feel .. try .. “without the word” do .. should not be .. beware .. “Schools are ready to help build a child’s attitude – help and the child is ready to take a risk by starting to pay attention to risk.
Schools are grateful for the grace of God Almighty, because kids realize how many secrets of Nature and Natural breadth he had learned. He learned from the growth of plants and plant diversity, she learned from wind motion didedaunan, he learned from the gurgling sound of water in the river, he learned from mud and dirt, grass and thorn, of fish, birds, insects, mammals and reptiles, dr art and technology, of the regional languages ​​and foreign languages, .. schools that teach children to want to try and without fear .. schools that allow children to grow as he is and not as a student .. schools treat students as children .. students and families are families .. schools …., expectations and requirements of our mind is spinning in nature.
The main capital is determined, financially tight. Remember meeting with a friend, expert education “Wan .. money should not be the bottleneck, the universe continues’ll definitely support (Mestakung). There are only given the ease and God through nature in realizing our ideas. Thanks for your advise Jo (Prof. John Surya.) Exist only in the realization of convenience, there are auxiliary power welding, can salvage, tires – tires, the former mining projects, help books, and other workers. Allah Akbar .. Thank God my God ..
An aunt who succeed in Balikpapan kindergarten caregivers responded to our ideas, “how about a kindergarten and elementary Alam .. fit your land.? “Imagined childhood in West Irian (not” Jaya “), into the forest, playing dianak rivers, climb tall trees, playing the beach, catch fish, made of clay and rifle wooden crates … oh please,” Ya Natural school .. Schools are not always dikukung the wall .. ”
In 2007 operations began kindergarten with students 40 students, with 70 students in 2008 and in 2009 with 73 students, 87 students in 2010.91 students in 2011 and 98 students in 2012. In the second we apologize to parents for unlimited local and commitment to class quota, we have had to limit enrollment. In kindergarten Natural Rizkia no student selection, in our opinion, all students are rachmat and unique, and the schools they served memintarkan the interests and talents. children was great and extraordinary ..
In 2011 We made SD Plus Cerdas Alam Rizkia, The First Class have 16 students in 2011, and 27 students in 2012.SD Plus Cerdas Alam Rizkia adopted curiculum “GASING” from Yohanes Surya and Learning by love.because love can made our child confortable andreceptive to learning.  We hope Sd Plus Cerdas Alam Rizkia can be better school and First in Depok
In a way, it’s still a lot less, which we have not been given to children – our children, … but they should be released to kejenjang SD .. Go girl … achieve success and greatness in a new place .. mother and our prayers for you .. Natural Rizkia kindergarten door is always open for you … the parents are sorry we can not give a lot of our children .. but we try to improve the quality of our students ..
Yes .. God mudahkanlah we step forward and give us all rachmatmu … cerdaskan children – our son … Amiii … nn.

Wassalamualaikum wr wb

Ichwan Amran
chairman of IGBAWA foundation